Friday, September 2, 2011


Last fall I took a road trip with a dear friend who lives in New York City. (Brooklyn now, actually.) We've been friends since we met working at a bookstore in Boston in 1995. When we discovered we lived in the same neighborhood, she gave me her phone number and said I should call if I was ever hanging out in the fun part of town - uncharacteristically, because I hate cold-calling anyone, I DID call her and here we are, road trip buddies fifteen years later. Life is good that way.
Central Oregon Coast - part of the Three Capes scenic loop

We had to refresh her memory for driving stick shift - her only other exposure had been in college when she was the designated driver and only had to lurch a couple of miles home - and we were on our way! I already posted the route we took, so here are some of the pretties from that trip.
Upper Klamath Lake (Southern Oregon)

Autumn color (and a bit of rain!) - somewhere outside of Eugene, Oregon
Mountainous coastline of Southern Oregon, south of Port Orford
As always, we had a fun time poking around. We'll have to do it again someday! We've always promised ourselves a trip cross-country, but so far it hasn't fit into our busy schedules.

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