Friday, April 19, 2013


If I don't do some kind of update, I'll never get back on the blogging wagon!

Hawaii was great fun - I went on two dive trips, for a total of four dives. One of the dives was advanced and we went down to 100 feet! I have to admit I freaked myself out a little bit at the depth, but once I calmed down and got my ears to clear it was fine. We explored a barge! And everyone could  hear whales singing! I confess I'm not sure *I* identified the whale song, but probably because I was borderline hyperventilating, I could barely focus on anything outside my body. All in all the dive experience was fun, and the next time I'm someplace tropical for a period of time I think I'll pay to take the advanced dive certification course.

The house is still standing, though the night I came back from vacation I had a dream that the oven caught fire, the fire department wouldn't come, then it spread to the attic, then the whole ceiling caved in from a deluge. So, I guess the reality is settling in a little bit - owning a house is all well and good but is a responsibility too! Also, there's the whole yard thing - at the moment my sister is doing the lion's share of work out there, but I keep thinking I shoulda got a condo. Oh well, I didn't, and I can handle this. I'm going to spend the next few years lessening the grass imprint and boosting the path/bed/ground cover/patio/deck elements. Or at least that's the plan. I DO talk a good game!

Spring has sprung and while it's not the glorious SUMMER that was in Hawaii, it's been pretty lovely this week. My garden is starting to grow, and I get five more sets of plant starts soon.

AND I'm heading out of town for another week - I get to go visit my stomping grounds in the Bay Area. It will be a very very very intense week though so I hope I squeeze in sufficient volumes of Fun.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Fun & games

I've had almost a week in Hawaii, and it's been a great blend of down time, socializing, being active, and seeing the sights.

My brother and I went scuba diving and hiked up (up, up) Diamond Head on the same day.

Friday, he and I and his girlfriend spent a day driving around the North Shore - the shrimp truck meal and the shave ice were definite highlights!

We've also spent time with their friends, doing a Friday-night art museum event & then quest for food, and also a lovely Easter brunch.

Today is cloudy so I'm hanging out with a book, laundry, and plotting some dinner cooking. It's a great break from life on the mainland!