Friday, April 19, 2013


If I don't do some kind of update, I'll never get back on the blogging wagon!

Hawaii was great fun - I went on two dive trips, for a total of four dives. One of the dives was advanced and we went down to 100 feet! I have to admit I freaked myself out a little bit at the depth, but once I calmed down and got my ears to clear it was fine. We explored a barge! And everyone could  hear whales singing! I confess I'm not sure *I* identified the whale song, but probably because I was borderline hyperventilating, I could barely focus on anything outside my body. All in all the dive experience was fun, and the next time I'm someplace tropical for a period of time I think I'll pay to take the advanced dive certification course.

The house is still standing, though the night I came back from vacation I had a dream that the oven caught fire, the fire department wouldn't come, then it spread to the attic, then the whole ceiling caved in from a deluge. So, I guess the reality is settling in a little bit - owning a house is all well and good but is a responsibility too! Also, there's the whole yard thing - at the moment my sister is doing the lion's share of work out there, but I keep thinking I shoulda got a condo. Oh well, I didn't, and I can handle this. I'm going to spend the next few years lessening the grass imprint and boosting the path/bed/ground cover/patio/deck elements. Or at least that's the plan. I DO talk a good game!

Spring has sprung and while it's not the glorious SUMMER that was in Hawaii, it's been pretty lovely this week. My garden is starting to grow, and I get five more sets of plant starts soon.

AND I'm heading out of town for another week - I get to go visit my stomping grounds in the Bay Area. It will be a very very very intense week though so I hope I squeeze in sufficient volumes of Fun.


  1. Which island did you go to? I went to Kona last summer--first time I'd ever been to Hawaii. It was wonderful. I swam in the ocean for the first time and went snorkeling. What an adventure. I don't know that I could dive (it scares me) but I kinda wish I could try it.

    1. I went to Oahu! When I went to Hawaii a billion years ago ('99ish) I went to both Oahu and Maui. I'd really like to go to Kauai as well, so we'll see what happens next winter!

      Diving is really awesome but the nervous factor is legit. I think you'd have to be a comfortable swimmer to get through the lessons, but if you think you'd like to try it, I recommend giving it a shot someday. I was surprised at how much I like it! I learned 2 years ago before going to Honduras for a wedding, and went on 7 dives that week, I liked it so much.

      I think there is something called snuba that seems to be a nice combination of snorkeling and diving - you get to go deep but your air supply is on a boat so you are attached to it and can't go TOO deep. That might be something to look for if you go someplace tropical.