Thursday, December 13, 2012

Still sitting tight

So, where are we on home buying? It's still looking good.

The inspection was good, and the seller addressed all the minor things we found and asked to have repaired. I say "minor" but I'm glad he opted to do them all, as they are outside my skill set. They were things like: remove the moss from the roof, caulk the nails on the roof, make the garage door open/close more smoothly, caulk the area where the gas line enters the house, make the pocket doors move smoothly... basic for a handyperson but beyond my skills at the moment.

The appraisal came back fine, they agree the house is worth what it's listed for, which is a relief.

I do think it's down to my lender. I've given them everything they asked for, I think, and am SO grateful we live in the day of online banking and pdf files. The only physical things I had to send them were my W-2s from last year and this year, two very recent pay stubs, and a copy of a letter from my employer verifying that I'm allowed to work remotely (they issued it this fall, so I guess it's a standard thing to give remote workers, probably for this very situation).

I close the first week in January and the title company has agreed to come to me for the signing, and they will accept a wire transfer. I was worried about that because I don't have a local branch for my bank, and didn't know how I'd get the closing funds in a certified check. I'm sure it would be possible, but this way I don't have to go down that path.

The final thing to do is plan the move-in, and I've just booked a truck and sent an email to a bunch of locals. Here's hoping I get a good turnout!


  1. eek. the bank thing would have me on pins and needles. any sort of time frame?

    for the certified check, it's actually ridiculously easy, but beside the point.

    and other than that: SO EXCITING!!

  2. Well, I think the bank thing is okay but as far as I can figure that's the last potential sticking point.

    But I've checked and double checked and they say they have everything they need, we've locked in my rate so that decision is done, so ... I don't know if there COULD be any sticky bits, but that's the only place for it to happen (I think, barring majorly unfortunate events at the house).