Friday, February 10, 2017

More about Sweden

Here's a fly-by upshot:
We had a half-day and then two full days in Stockholm:

Then we took an overnight train 12 hours north:

And stayed in the OMG WOW TreeHotel - we got the MirrorCube:

Inside picture, and picture of the on-site sauna:

Then we went even further north:

Where we saw Northern Lights (not a great show, unfortunately, though I know it sounds ungrateful), and enjoyed some fresh air as we hiked around a little:

And finally, we went to the Ice Hotel which was as amazing and crazy as it sounds. It's built every fall and is gone - melted! - by May. Since it's so popular they've now built IceHotel 365 which will use solar power to generate a cooling system and keep the rooms below freezing year-round.

Our room - brrrrrrr! Though the sleeping bags were quite snug:

Finally, we returned to Stockholm for some final walking-about, great meal, and final night.

In general, Sweden is very easy to visit - everyone speaks terrific English, the exchange rate was decent at this time (apparently not usually the case), and the food was amazing. Here are some final food shots:

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