Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cookie madness!

My friend Astra comes from Wisconsin, with a large extended family. One of their traditions is to gather after Thanksgiving and cook a massive amount of cookies, to then swap with each other. Last year she participated from afar, mailing at least nine dozen cookies, and receiving nine different types of cookies, a dozen of each. It was a lot of work!

This year she asked if I'd like to bake with her, and split the booty. I jumped at the chance!

Our submission was Nutella ravioli cookies. We made three batches of sugar cookie dough, and spent a long time rolling, cutting circles, blopping Nutella into the discs of dough, then folding & pinching the edges before baking.

Then we spread out the cookies, and melted some chocolate to decorate them. (In the process of doing that, I found out what chocolate looks like when it seizes... very very ugly & inedible. Thank goodness I bought two bags of chocolate chips.)

(Note how dark it's gotten outside!)

Then, for fun, we made some other cookies: Munchable Mice. They were cute, but a fair amount of work!

You make sugar cookie dough using 2 1/2 cups flour. Then you split the dough into two heaps. Into one, mix a half-cup of cocoa; into the other heap, mix a half-cup of flour. Then make little (3-inch?) logs:

Use currants to make eyes, and sunflower seeds to make ears (the recipe calls for peanuts, which would be bigger ears - but I had sunflower seeds on hand so we punted):


Yes, it's a pain, but they come out SO CUTE:

That's licorice as tails - the recipe calls for licorice whips, but all we had was licorice pieces, so tried cutting them into tails. It worked okay, but longer would've been cuter. I'm SO glad we didn't do a triple-batch of these little guys!


  1. Pretty sure I told you about the time I tried to make the Nutella ravioli cookies and the disaster that followed. They were still yummy though...

  2. I can't remember what the problem was, though - sticky cookies?? They're pretty labor intensive.

  3. Yeah, I don't remember either. I think the dough was sticky and I didn't have a proper rolling pin or cookie cutter. Then when I baked them the dough would kinda droop off of the nutella and it would look like a fried egg. I ended up using about 1/3 of the dough and 1/2 a jar of nutella to make one giant ravioli when I got sick of little disastrous ones. That one was pretty good.

  4. Oh, you know, that may be a more reasonable approach, really. I can't imagine HOW the dough would droop off the Nutella though. Wacky.