Sunday, February 28, 2010

DIY sock club project one

I recently posted about making a sock club for myself.

Well, I've started the first pair! I'm doing the one I dubbed Sleepy Vanilla Sox - using a plain vanilla sock pattern + the heel from Sleepy Hollow Socks + yarn called Berrocco Sox, color Kingston.

The heel construction was very cool! I learned about the pattern from the Yarn Harlot, who writes about the heel construction with far more knitterly charm than I can summon. And I haven't made so many pairs of socks that I know what all heels are like, but I've really liked not having to fuss with picking up stitches. Highly recommend this heel construction, and I may try to work it into other socks I do. Probably not, really, as I tend to be a slave to directions - but I'll think about it!

I finished the foot and did the decreases, only to find I'd jumped the gun, and the foot was too short. So, I had to rip back. sigh. I'll get that sock finished soon!

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