Thursday, February 11, 2010

hostess with the mostess?

I'm part of a wine group that meets monthly - the second Friday of each month. We plan the evening a week or two in advance, by selecting the varietal of wine that will be featured, and then the members volunteer to make food to go with the wine. We have up to 10 attendees on any month, and usually get at least 8.

This month I'm hosting! Agh! Dinner for 8 in my apartment! My living room is big enough, and I even have an extendable table, but - I don't have a dishwasher. I have 5 plates. I have 6 chairs. Somehow I haven't gotten all the stuff that I'd have been SURE I'd have had by now. Some of this is because I never got married (no swag!) and a lot of it is that I've moved a fair amount post-college: 3 years in Boston, 10 in Portland, 3-and-counting in the Bay Area. And for 5 of the 10 Portland years, my kitchen stuff was in a friend's basement. So really, I'm actually behind the crowd for collecting kitchen/hosting stuff. Or whatever.

Anyway, I'm going to borrow 8 plates, 2 chairs, 4 table knives, and 8 steak knives. Thank goodness everyone has to bring their own wine glasses, because we need 6 each.

So yeah - 8 people at my table I can imagine and have done (once). 8 people with 6 wine glasses and a water glass each = 56 glasses on the table at once. And food. And napkins. And maybe a couple of festive candles!

Should be exciting. I'll try to get a picture of the Befores and Afters.


  1. It will be great. And hopefully someone will stick around and help you with dishes.

  2. haha! Actually I WILL have a dish-doer. One of the wine club members lives in San Francisco, and all the rest of us live in the East Bay, so she always stays on my couch on wine nights anyway, and usually comes over after work to use my kitchen for whatever prep work is needed. It works quite well.