Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday: sweater!

I happened to be perusing Knitty looking for sock patterns, but came upon a lovely sweater pattern instead! I am the proud possessor of a sweater's worth of yarn (purchased at a discount as they've discontinued the oh-so-me color).

After the six months I spent knitting a sweater last year, I wasn't at all convinced I'd do another. But perhaps knitting is like childbirth, and you just forget the pain (I hear..but do not believe) and remember only the nice bits. At any rate, I've cast on a sweater.

This one is a cardigan knit from the bottom up. I've only skimmed the directions (bad knitter!) but it looks like you do most of the body, then go make the sleeves, then join the body and sleeves as you knit the top bit. If that's true, I may quite like this project!

Right now I just have a few inches of waistband, so I'm a long way off from worrying about arms and stuff.

(Thanks to AnotherYarn for reminding me about the WIP series!


  1. Oh, I like that - it will look good on you. Have you found a shawl pin yet? (Now I like the WIP Wednesday idea, though I'd been trying to start "Wordless Wednesday" on my blog and just post photos...)

  2. How did I not know about your blog? *adds to reader*

  3. That sweater is calling to me too. It will look great and just think, the beauty of a non-wrap sweater - less to knit. When I read the description it sounded like a bottom-up seamless sweater to me too.