Monday, February 28, 2011


March, my friends! March! Month of my dad's birthday and even some spring for the rest of the continent.
I took this picture during a road trip in Oregon last fall. I was traveling with a good friend from my Boston days and as expected it was quite an adventure. A local friend recommended that we detour through Fern Valley, somewhere north of Humboldt, CA. She mentioned the drive in was long and on an unpaved road, but I didn't realize we were going to go over a RIVER - three times! It was truly terrifying, though fortunately another little car like mine was ahead of us and handled it fine. Still. eek. Alas, I did not take a picture of the river-covered road. I did get a shot of some of the wildlife though.


  1. My dad's birthday is in March too! Is that an elk?

  2. Yes, that IS an elk! We didn't linger long, though he was way more interested in the grass than in my car.