Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday: My abode

Sometimes I think I'm going to be renting forever but only have to look at all the great great things in my neighborhood to remember that it's okay to rent! Short commute, good friends, amazing walkable life - right. It's all good. Plus paying rent instead of a mortgage lets me save a lot for retirement.

But I've been in this apartment for 4 1/2 years - my longest duration ever! - and I'm doing a little redecorating. I've made passing references to the fact that I'm gutting my bedroom (SO many Goodwill trips) and starting over. Well my old mattress is gone and I'm on the couch this week until the new one (and a bed frame) is ready for me. And the rug that I had on back-order is finally in processing, I think - so this may get done sometime this quarter!

In the meantime I framed a couple of pictures.

I had a Groupon that let me save forty bucks on the frames. Let's ignore the fact that while using said Groupon, I got a parking ticket for, oh, forty dollars. That's not very fiscally sensible!

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  1. (Ok, I'll ignore the parking ticket that cancelled out your savings--ouch!) I'm interested to see your room makeover. And home ownership, while it does have its advantages, does have serious drawbacks too. Sounds like you've got a great place there!