Tuesday, April 12, 2011

what I did this evening

I was busy tonight!

I made lemon curd, blackberry-rosemary simple syrup, and lemon meringue cookies. The lemon curd is from some Meyer lemons friends brought over - I still have, oh, nine or so left to do something with!

The simple syrup is for a VERY delicious drink called a Black Rose that a friend introduced me to recently. As tasty as it is now with grocery store blackberries, I hope I remember to harvest some berries this summer and make the syrup again. The rosemary is from the courtyard - is rosemary insanely prolific everywhere? It seriously grows in massive shrubs here.

What did I *not* do tonight? I didn't clean the floors or the bathroom, or deal with the miscellany scattered about. Yes, my parents are coming to visit soon (in 32 hours or so!) but I just know they want to see me in my natural habitat. Heck, I'll just run them ragged, then give them booze & sugary snacks and they won't even notice! It's all part of my Genius Plan for Visitors.


  1. Oh, the black rose looks good. I wonder if the syrup would work with frozen blackberries? And no, rosemary does not grow into huge shrubs everywhere, I've only seen that on the west coast. In the midwest it gets too cold and freezes, so many people treat it like an annual, some years my mom successfully overwinters it in a pot indoors, but often something else happens to kill it.

  2. I think it would be very tasty with frozen berries. These definitely weren't the best ones and the syrup is still fantastic.

    And thanks for the scoop on rosemary! I only really noticed it growing rampant when I moved to CA but I bet it's in OR and I just didn't notice. It is freaking everywhere here.