Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Restoring order to chaos

Dear blog-friends! It's been quite the busy few weeks around Exploring With Beth HQ. I'm getting caught up ever so slowly. Help buy me some time: what do you want to hear about? My parents' visit? My weekend in Los Angeles? My sweater? My favorite blogs?

Here's what I'd like to hear from you, two things actually:
YOUR favorite blogs, and why you like them (yes, you may pimp your own)

Your favorite gin. I got a little interested in the fancy tonic options (and will do a head-to-head tonic tasteoff between Q and Fever Tree some evening when I can tolerate a couple of gin and tonics), but haven't explored the gins out there. I have Bombay sapphire at home, and have no problem with Tanqueray. The ol' Bombay is getting low - what should I try next? It IS gin & tonic season, after all!


  1. Catching up: All of the above :o) I guess if I must pick, your parents' visit and the weekend in LA.

    As for favorite blogs, I will give you my top 5:
    1: Of Another Fashion ( I'm not a fashion person but it's great seeing what women of color wore in the past.
    2: CrazyAuntPurl ( I love Laurie. I wish I could take a trip to LA to hang out with her. I haven't told her that because it seems stalkerish :o)
    3: the underwear drawer ( Michelle is a MD and a mother. I am neither but I find it interesting how she balances both of them and her perspective on live. She has a book coming out in a couple weeks which I preordered (and I never preorder books).
    4&5: Overheard Everywhere ( and Overheard in the Office ( The postings make me laugh as people are so very odd creatures.

    I don't drink gin so no favorites for me.

  2. My votes are the trip to LA, and your favorite blogs.

    One of my favorites recently is this - - I've printed out a lot of recipes and like the recipe samples from cookbooks.

    Let me check our cabinet for the Gin. That's not my normal choice, but I know we've got something... (As I think I just saw the bottle of Bombay go out with the recycling recently.)

  3. Um, hello, tonic tasting sounds like a PERFECT activity for next weekend!

    I like reading about your WIPs!

  4. hear about? all of the above, you can dole it out slowly, I mean think of it as blog fodder.

    favorite blogs: food in jars, tea and cookies, um... I need to think about this more.

    favorite gin: I'm still looking too. But my plan is to remember to buy a bottle before I run out of the current bottle (purchased in a fit of "I'm bored with Sapphire and Tanqueray"). Dry Fly from WA. I would definitely buy it again, though I haven't tried it in G&Ts yet. But even TheHusband, who normally skips gin drinks has been requesting my current obsession of gin and lemonade (its sunny-ish and above 55! lets make a summery drink!). I suspect the gin has more to do with it than the mixer.