Tuesday, November 15, 2011

International bundt day!!!

Mary the food librarian is at it again: It's International Bundt Day and yes, she likes big bundts! As it happens, so do I!

This is my third year participating; in 2009 I invented ginger-pear bundt. In 2010 I made Mexican hot chocolate bundt.

This year I played it simple: Spice cake with brown butter/vanilla glaze and yes, that frosting really did make the cake. It was greeted with much admiration and delight!
Do all bakers criticize their products? I thought the flavor was great but the crumb was too dense. I think I overmixed it. Still, it was delicious and I had no leftovers, so I couldn't critique it very carefully!

You'll find the recipe here.


  1. Yum. And where did you get that blue plate? I have white plates that are that shape and it'd be fun to introduce a bit of color.

  2. I will check when I get home - I can't remember for sure, but it has to be a year or a little bit more old. I think I got 2 plates in Feb before I had a dinner party. I'm pretty sure they were from the Crate & Barrel outlet.

    It's a great plate to use in the cake carrier, the corners jam against the edges and keep everything REALLY still.

  3. Beth, Thanks soooo much for baking along with me for National Bundt Day!! Whoo hoo!

    Did you submit the info for the round up? I don't have it and want to send you a button!

    Best bundt wishes ;) - mary