Monday, January 2, 2012

Recipe review: Gougères

I discovered tasty, tasty goodness this year in the form of gougères! They seem to be all the rage in blog-land - even though I "only" subscribe to 27 food blogs (*blush*), I saw at least three recipes posted in the last month.

My first time through, I made the gougères using the ingredients from one blog post, and using some of the tips from another one. The results were tasty and appreciated - I brought some to a harvest party and some to Thanksgiving.

Recently I tried a slightly different recipe, with equally tasty results. It's a rather interesting technique: you boil  liquids and butter on the stovetop, add flour, and stir like a maniac. After the batter cools a little, you add eggs, then cheese.
The result is a smooth, gooey batter. You can blop it or pipe it onto a cookie sheet - the ones in this picture are so close together because they're headed to the freezer.
The finished product is puffy, a bit salty (perhaps too much so, this time, but I expect forgiveness!), and entirely delicious. They're also not supposed to deflate like mine have, but I think the batter is too damp, based on some of the pictures I've seen online. I guess I just need more practice!
I really love that you can freeze them unbaked, and then put them straight into the oven without thawing them. I plan to use some of the ones in my freezer over the next week or so!

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