Monday, July 18, 2016

Changes are afoot!

So I got a new job. I've only been at my current job for 15 months, and there are parts of it I like. My current title is customer success manager (which I cringe at, a little) and I've liked helping people using our software get the attention & information they need when they need it. But I haven't liked having too many accounts to serve well, and I haven't liked that our software is so complex that I'm not expected to really know much about it (it's back office enterprise software, aka accounting, HR, professional services... complex stuff).

I applied for a couple of jobs last summer, and I wrote great cover letters to explain why I was looking after only 4 months on the job, but I knew it was too soon and so I stopped searching. And then, one of my coworkers let me know she was in the final stages for a job at another company, and they might be adding another person. She asked me to hold off on applying until she got her offer, which was fair, and I officially applied in early June.

They really did an awesome job of getting me through the process, and I got a job offer last week - whew! It's a 4% pay cut (6% if you factor in that they don't pay for home internet & cell phone like my last job did) but that's okay - I'm making enough money and think this will be a better fit.

I'll still be at a software company, with a better title (Strategic Account Consultant), fewer accounts to manage, and will be expected to be pretty skilled with our software so I can advise my accounts on best practices and help them use the software more & better than they might be currently.

Of all my jobs it's most like the one I was most enthused about, way back in the late '90s. I don't know if I can love a job, but it feels like this one has a chance at that. We shall see.

What was nuts that when I gave notice, my current job offered me a 20% raise. That is SO MUCH money. But... though I was dazzled, I wasn't tempted in the slightest. I feel super lucky to be in a place where I can make the best choice for myself by weighing all the factors, not just financial ones.

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  1. Congratulations!! Sounds like you will be muuuch happier at the new place! I look forward to hearing about it!