Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cooking for wine group

Tomorrow is the 2nd Friday of the month (YES, already. shocking), so it's wine night. We're having Rioja, and so decided to have the participants bring tapas-style offerings, rather than structuring the evening as a typical meal.

I'm bringing two things:
Smitten Kitchen's Romesco potatoes, and David Lebovitz's Involtini. Believe it or not, I have (so far) stuck to the recipe in the case of the former; the latter - not so much.

The romesco sauce for the potatoes can be made in advance, so I made mine tonight. I have only a photo of the finished product! 

The sauce is comprised of dried chilis, rehydrated a bit; roasted almonds & hazelnuts; diced tomato; a bit of garlic; a slice of bread; some lemon juice, vinegar, and fresh parsley. Then you puree it all with a lot of olive oil. Isn't it gorgeous?! Tomorrow I will roast the potatoes at home then bring them, still hot, to the wine gathering. I'll finish them by smashing them a bit, crisping them up a bit, then dousing with sauce.

I don't feel badly about changing the involtini recipe - it's a suggestion more than a rule. I used prosciutto, some kind of Spanish cheese that is not Manchego, and fresh sage from the garden (I only recently realized it was growing there!). Right now the little packets are marinating in olive oil. Yum!

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  1. oh, i read about the romesco sauce on tea and cookies and it sounds incredible! it looks delicious -- like i could eat it with a spoon straight from the jar.