Monday, October 18, 2010

Vacation's oddest roadside attraction

Last week I posted the route of my road trip. When we crossed back into California, my friend and I stopped at the well-known and extremely old-school roadside attraction called Trees of Mystery, in Klamath. They've been wowing visitors for over 50 years, and it very much felt like a throwback to earlier times.

Visitors are greeted by a 50-foot (15-meter) tall statue of Paul Bunyan (now with a webcam!), and can pay an admission fee to follow a walking trail. 

In 2001 they joined the modern era by adding an aerial tram. The guy working it said they brought in much of the components via helicopter, so this place really must make some serious money! The view from the top was wonderful.


  1. What's so mysterious about all that? Is it a secret?

  2. Oh, yeah... they have various hokey signs indicating the tree-that-sorta-looks-like-an-elephant, and the tree-with-a-redwood-burl, and the tree-that-looks-like-a-cathedral. None of that was terribly mysterious!