Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Three hundred seventy-two

Sheesh, you go out of town for a week here, a long weekend there, and suddenly the ol' Reader account has a massive backlog!

I subscribe to lots of feeds using Google Reader - blogs of people I know and/or have found (give me your link if you blog and I'll add you if I don't have you!), personal finance and knitting blogs, and lots and lots of food blogs. It is the latter that is woefully backlogged: 201 of the unread posts are in one of my food feeds. Sigh.

Do I mark them all read and start over? Maybe I'll see if I get in any quality down time this weekend - I can probably plow through a bunch of them then!


  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with declaring RSS bankruptcy ever now and again - but I've often found switching to "list" view lets me skim a lot more effectively and I feel less guilty when I click that "mark all as read" button.

  2. What I found useful in Reader is to do some ordered categorization of feeds using folders.

    I use: 'Must Read' for stuff I want to read as soon as it appears (of course, your blog is here), 'Should Read' for stuff I plan on keeping current on, but might let slide for a bit, 'Evaluate' for new stuff I'm not sure I'll keep, and 'As Time Permits' for things like Boing Boing and Io9 that I like to graze.. but will never even attempt to keep up with.

    So if I have a couple of minutes, or a few hours, I just read from top to bottom, and don't worry about what is left behind..

    Nice to see you on the weekend!

  3. Nice to see you too! I have a lot of folders set up, and have unsubbed from the things that are just way too post-intensive, but I may have to declare Amnesty and start over. I'll see what happens this weekend.