Friday, December 31, 2010

So much for the best-laid plans!

I'm one of thousands of people who got screwed over by Jet Blue. Even though I was traveling from the East Coast back to the west several days after the latest messy storm, I was caught in the ripple effect - my plane was hugely delayed, then they couldn't find crew. Only after making us wait around for 6+ hours did they cancel the flight. And the kicker is, they couldn't get me anywhere until January SEVENTH - more than a week after my initial travel date! They refunded that part of my fare and I bought the last seat on a Virgin America flight on the first, but I'm still fuming about it. I'm not sure what I expect them to do, though - pay for my new flight? ha.

So I'm trying hard to focus on the positives:
  • I wasn't traveling with small kids, or a pet, or with people in wheelchairs. 
  • One of my friends saw my plaints on Facebook and invited me home to her parents' house, a half-hour from the airport. That saved my parents and me the hassle of dealing with a bus and car ride to their place, 2 hours away. 
  • Another of my friends was invaluable in her long-distance support, texting me about alternate flight times and eventually buying me that last seat. 
  • I have another friend picking me up at the airport tomorrow. 
  • I get to have 36 hours at home before going back to work.
  • I'm having a quiet New Year's Eve at home with my parents & older brother
  • Pizza is on the way!

So I'm scheduled to fly tomorrow. And I had better get home!!!!!!

Lessons learned:
  • Don't fly Jet Blue. Is that too harsh? I'm not sure. I am unlikely to fly them over a holiday, that's for sure.
  • Always bring my passport! I could've looked into a NYE in Toronto, but didn't have the right paperwork to do it.
  • Don't feel too smug about avoiding travel messes - at least wait for smugness til the plane is safely landed!!!!

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  1. YES you should absolutely expect them to pay for your new flight!!!!