Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011: 01

Dear friends, it's January - the start of a whole new year! I am going to have to figure out this blogging thing - I enjoy doing it and yet have been finding myself not wanting to turn on my computer in the evening. My work days in my new gig have been extremely intense and the last thing I want to do is waste my precious evening staring at a computer.

But I love you readers and heck, it's time for the calendar shot!
 I'm extremely pleased with this picture of San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Bridge. In fact I've had a print made, and if I'm ever done with my bedroom project, I'm going to frame it nicely and put it in there. (It's a big if though... I'm feeling a trifle stalled at the moment. Though honestly my room is not terribly habitable as it is, so I'll resume the project soon.)

Anyway, a friend came to town for Thanksgiving and we took advantage of the stunning weather and walked over the bridge - one of the things on my California Bucket List! Now I can check that one off, though I'd happily do it again with the right company.

I knew the bridge is a cable bridge..  but it was cool to get to see inside a cable.
There are 27,572 wires in each cable! The total length of the wires used measures 80,000 miles! The.. oh, heck. A picture really is worth at least a few more of mine:

Anyway, the whole hour or longer we walked on the bridge I kept looking and looking for the right shot. I shot and deleted a whole bunch of pictures. I even got a few I like pretty well:

But when I took the one at the top of this post, I knew that was it!

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