Monday, January 17, 2011

A fine fine treat indeed

I went to Ireland and Scotland in 2009, and bought a multi-day train pass for my time in Scotland. My mom and I used our passes to get from Edinburgh to Inverness, Inverness to Glasgow, Glasgow to Gourock (and back again, when the Highland Games were cancelled due to soggy fields), and Glasgow to Edinburgh again. After my mom left, I used my pass one last time to travel from Edinburgh back to Glasgow. I think we probably got our money's worth, but I did intend to do a solo train trip to a randomly-selected destination, Oban.

Oban is a coastal town in the northwest part of Scotland. It's got a distillery there, and a hostel, and I had big grand visions of taking the train to Oban, walking to the hostel, poking about and enjoying the views, and of course visiting the distillery.

Well, I pooped out after 2 1/2 weeks of constant travel. Instead of one last overnight trip, I booked extremely cheap & shabby lodgings in Glasgow and did some solitary exploring.

I didn't even try the Oban distillery's whisky until over a year later at a local bar. And of course I found it delicious! At seventy bucks a bottle, it's nothing to be swilled lightly, but I bought myself some recently, as my official raise & promotion self-present. And yes, it's quite nice. And the next time I'm in Scotland, I am definitely going to Oban!

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