Monday, May 9, 2011

LA report: The Getty Center

My visit to Los Angeles was super busy - by the end of it, we joked we'd seen all of LA! I was visiting an old friend/housemate from my Portland days: we were in Portland together from 1996-1998 or so, then he moved to Seattle, and I moved to the Bay Area, and he moved to LA last fall. I wanted to see what his life is like in this very different place!

I arrived kinda late on Friday night and we didn't do much. Saturday was more people-social: we went to a photo/video shoot for one of his clothing designer friends (can you GET any more LA?), went out for amazing Thai food, drove around, and went to a bbq hosted by some super nice people we met at the photo shoot.

Sunday was a more photogenic day. We went out to brunch, then to the Getty Center, then to Venice Beach, to the Watts Towers, and to the airport.

I was entranced by the buildings and grounds of the Getty. We looked at a couple of art exhibits, but the physical space is so amazing I was keenly aware it was ALL art. Even the quality of materials and construction for the garden paths was probably the highest quality I'll ever see.

The buildings were large and modern-looking and really gave the place the feel of a campus or institute - this is a Center and no mistaking it!

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