Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIP Wednesday: wrap, wrapped!

I am finally blocking the wrap I mentioned waaay back in November.(Non-knitters - blocking is when you dampen your finished object, lay it out to dry, and in this case pin it to shape it.)

Thanks to Ravelry I know I started this project on October 21 and finished it December 1. Then I let it sit, since I didn't need it until May. Well, here it is May and I am going to my friends' wedding in less than two weeks, and I intend to wear this with the dress I got!

I had a fun time fussing with the wrap/scarf/thingy. I wound up having to pin some of the points onto the carpet, since they stretched off the blocking boards. It's amazing how it opens up the detailed work I did (seemingly a lifetime ago).
See those bumpy-knotty things? I have a friend who did beads there instead. I wish I'd seen her work before I did mine, as the beads look great, but I don't think I'll be making another of these projects anytime soon. We'll see if I feel differently after getting to wear it!

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