Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIP update: Cherry bounce

Apparently I only posted one making-of entry about my foray into the world of cherry bounce. In short, it's booze + sugar + cherries; mix and store for six months or so.

When I first discovered a recipe for cherry bounce it specified bourbon and sweet cherries, so that's what I made. I went so far as to make TWO batches with TWO different bourbons (Maker's Mark and Four Roses).I kind of ignored the fact that I've never been much of a bourbon drinker. I figured it would be interesting, and might make it into something more to my taste.

Of course, a couple weeks later I found out that cherry bounce is much more flexible than I knew.. and right around that time a friend picked up a flat of sour cherries for me, since she knows about my obsession with that hard-to-find fruit. So of COURSE I took another pass at cherry bounce. I bought some high-quality locally-made vodka and used the same recipe I used for the bourbon version. Hot tip: if you do this, save the bottles to store the completed project! This seems obvious, yet didn't cross my mind with the last several boozes I've infused and I've been left scrambling for booze storage. Tough life, I know.

Turns out I am not a fan of bourbon, cherry-infused or no. And I am a MAJOR fan of sour cherry bounce! Look at that amazing color!

I've mostly been mixing it with fresh squeezed Meyer lemon juice and some sparkling water. It's a great source of vitamin C after all..

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