Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Cherry bounce!

In talking with a knitting friend lately, I realized I'm a process person, while she is a product type. In other words, I enjoy the time I spend making a knitted object, but am not really motivated by the finished project (and living where I do, I have a limited demand for scarves, hats, and knitted socks). She, on the other hand, is all about getting stuff made and is an amazingly prolific knitter!

It was an interesting conversation, and rather enlightening too. It explained my interest in jamming, when it turns out I don't really eat jam; and my more-recent fascination with infusing booze, when I'm not really that big a drinker.

I made limoncello (it didn't turn out well, but from the looks of the bounty on my building's lemon tree, I may try again in a month or two!); I infused gin and rum with figs; I've made two stabs at nocino, and now I'm making cherry bounce!

It turns out cherry bounce can be either sweet or sour cherries, in any type of booze, with sugar. I am literal-minded and made cherry bounce using the recipe that was my first introduction to the subject. The recipe calls for bourbon, sweet cherries, and sugar - easy! TOO easy, my friends.

I polled people I know about bourbon preferences, and wound up buying two types - Maker's and Four Roses. In separate jars I combined 500 ml of each with 1/2 cup sugar and a half-pound cherries, and now I just wait a few months and see if there is any earthly difference.

...and it just so happens I have a flat of sour cherries in my fridge, so I may be making non-bourbon bounce in the near future. As ever, stay tuned!

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