Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIP: Nocino report

Almost as soon as I got the walnuts in the vodka, they darkened the liquid to this extremely suspicious color.
I know that this is okay, but it sure is ugly.

Also, I was thinking about my recipe that I posted in my last blog post on this subject: Including grains of paradise is kind of obnoxious. Sorry! I am immersed in foodie land in the Bay Area and was psyched to score this ingredient a couple of years ago. It's kind of like a floral peppercorn, and is definitely not required to make your own delicious liquor. But I just couldn't help myself!

Soon it will be time to remove the solids and then just let this sit and think about what it's done. The earliest I ought to taste it is December. By which I mean, I'll be sure to sample it when I remove the solids!


  1. Hi Beth, I was happy to come across your post in which you try both black and English walnuts. It looks like this year you have English walnuts, but I am in particular wondering how the black walnut version came out? I've been offered some black walnuts but haven't been able to find anything definitive yet. Thanks for any information!


  2. Hi Paul! I made the nocinos side by side last year, one jar English, one jar black. They did look a little different as they were steeping, and one was a bit harsher than the other initially (but nocino is undrinkable until it mellows). By the time they'd both been sitting for a few months they were virtually indistinguishable - look, color, taste are practically identical.

    I don't know where you live but it's getting rather late for the nuts - be very careful when you cut them, as once the shell starts to harden it can be tricky going! good luck.