Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December!

Wow, it's December. I wonder if there will EVER be a year that feels like it's twelve months long (umm.. for good reasons - no need to tempt fate)?

So, we're sliding to the end. I've got most of my Christmas shopping done. I decided at the nearly-last-minute to bust out some craftiness as well, so I'm working on that in my spare time. (Fortunately "working" on it means I can watch dvds and hang out on my couch, so it's not that onerous.)

I've got my travel plans made - Portland this weekend, Rhode Island at the end of the year.

It's also nearly the end of my fiscal year! I know I'm incredibly blessed in so many ways, and for the last few years I've been tracking my finances. Each year I've tried to give a little more than the year before, and I decided that this year I'd donate 1% of my take-home income to charity - an embarrassing pittance to be sure, but on the other hand, setting a conscious goal like that makes sure I meet it! And I can go for 2% next year, if I want to.

Last year I donated to National Public Radio, the Alameda County Food Bank, Doctors Without Borders, Habitat for Humanity, This American Life, and the Kristin Brooks Hope Center

I already participated in my local NPR station's annual fund drive, leaving those five groups up for consideration. I'll probably donate $20 to This American Life for its sheer entertainment value. I think of the other organizations, the food bank is in the direst need. I'll probably give them the largest donation, and divide the rest of the money equally among the remaining three.

And next year I'm going to donate 2% of my take-home.

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