Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Recipe review: Pioneer Woman's Truffles

The Pioneer Woman's truffles is a very straightforward recipe. Combine chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, and melt. Add some vanilla.

Cool the mixture so it's mostly-solid,

and roll into truffles. She provides a recipe for making a coating, but I just rolled them in cocoa powder, then crunched a bit of salt on top.

I dunno, I didn't love them. First of all they were a pain in the ass to roll. That's probably because when it was in the pre-rolled phase, the lump of chocolate was WAY TOO COLD and my apartment was so chilly the lump was impossible to soften. It took me well over an hour to produce the results above.

Secondly, I got crazy and purchased vanilla paste, and used that instead of vanilla extract. I think it was just too much flavor.

If I ever do these again, I will use better chocolate, will skip the extract or will use plain ol' vanilla extract - not paste - and I will do it when the chocolate mass is merely cool, not solid as a fricking rock.

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