Sunday, January 31, 2010

mostly pictures, some text

Here's an overhead shot of the beds in the garden. They're empty for now - I need to figure out drainage (gravel?) then we have to get soil, then we have to figure out planting. Sigh. But it's going forward!
They are beautiful, made of redwood, and measure about 4x4 and 18 inches deep. They're going to produce a LOT of awesomeness. I hope!

Also, my knitting is coming along. I started this sweater last March, put it down in April, and will have it finished sometime in February. (I was hoping for January, but.. that's today, so, I don't think I'll make it.)

I've got some Meyer lemons, mandarin oranges, and fresh rosemary from some coworkers' yard. I'm going to make lemon OR citrus curd, and rosemary shortbread. But I'd better get cracking: it's just past noon.

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