Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Recipe Review: Clams & Bucatini for 1

Last night I made Clams & Bucatini for one as created by Joy, the Oyster Evangelist. Short story: it was delicious! It's interesting, but I realized I've never cooked shellfish before. I've been at a friend's for a clam bake, and a LONG time ago spent a winter weekend on the Oregon coast with friends, where we got permits to dig clams up by moonlight, and our friend Chef Dave cooked them.

But I've never done shellfish myself. I forget what kind I got, but comparing the pictures, I can see that mine were quite a bit bigger than the cockles or littlenecks that Joy recommended. Mine took 5-7 minutes to cook, but in the end they DID all open (and yes, I know not to eat the ones that won't open on their own!).  I got enough for two generous nights' worth, because I don't mind eating leftovers but I DO mind cooking every night.

I ate half last night, and stored the rest of the pasta for tonight. I removed the leftover clams from their shells and stored them separately from the pasta. Then I reheated the pasta and added the clams, but then still needed to heat it all a bit more.

It was delicous! It would be a very easy and impressive meal for company as well.

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  1. I am a big proponent of the cook once eat twice approach. Those are some hefty clams-I bet leftovers would be good if you deshelled them, chopped them up a bit, and mixed in the pasta.