Monday, January 4, 2010

Recipe Review, continued: Marshmallows!

Whew. I wound up letting the marshmallow mass I made sit for over 24 hours, since I had to work today, and they were still pretty sticky last night. I think the extra time was good for them, but it certainly didn't hurt.

I used the tinfoil to lift them out of the pan, then peeled the foil off. I used a sharp knife (liberally dusted with cornstarch & confectioner's sugar) to cut them up. It was quite messy!

I put them in a bag with more of the cornstarch/sugar, and shook it up, to try to seal the sticky edges. Finally, I piled them into a pan:

But really, the most important thing was USING them, right? Fortunately I was headed to my local grocery store, where I pondered the many fancy drinking chocolates/hot chocolates/powdered chocolates/shaved was rather dizzying. I wound up buying something I've been curious about for quite a while: Ibarra Mexican table chocolate. It was about half the price of all the other options (it cost $3.89, I think) and had a LOT more servings in the package: 24, or two wedges per serving.

I was surprised to find that the chocolate is in a pretty solid cake - it took some effort to cut off two wedges. You're supposed to heat milk, add it and the chocolate to a blender, and puree it. I microwaved a cup of milk, added the chocolate, heated another 30 seconds, then used my immersible blender to do the honors. Then, of course, I topped with a marshmallow!

It was terrific.

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