Sunday, January 10, 2010

Recipe Review: my Gingerbread Flan

so, I invented a recipe for gingerbread flan. I brought it to a dinner party on Friday night, where it was enthusiastically received. Even the two who don't usually like flan said they really liked this one, so yay! (edited to add: the flavor was good, but more pumpkin pie-like than gingerbready. I think less cinnamon, more cloves, maybe some ground pepper next time.)

However, there's room for improvement. The carmelized sugar mostly stayed inside the ramekin, rather than puddling luciously onto the custard when I overturned it onto a plate. Sigh. I suspect that if I make the topping from the post on the Pioneer Woman's blog, it may work better - the carmel I made was just sugar & water; the other one is sugar, water, corn syrup, and some acid, so I expect the texture is a lot less solid.

Here's my sample that I tested the night before I served it:

Note all the goodness still stuck in the ramekin. Sigh. 

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