Monday, March 1, 2010

Calendar: Two Thousand Ten - March

I realized that my picture for March's calendar page was taken on the same day as February's. What can I say? It was a rather epic and picturesque day!

I've made a rough map to show where we were that day. Here's the big-picture map of Ireland, with the marker on the town called Liscannor, in County Clare.(you may have to click to see it clearly)
Ireland is not huge! We drove from Dublin to that marker in one day, which Google says is a four-hour drive.

Anyway, that day started at "our" cottage in Liscannor, County Clare. We drove about 45 minutes north and east to The Burren, as already described, then looped back along the coast to hit the town called Doolin for dinner. Doolin is famous for its traditional Irish music (called trad sessions, I think), but we only stuck around long enough to eat amazing food and walk down to the beach to walk in the windy spray.

Although the wind was fierce, we could tell it was spring - we were there in April - by looking at the little flowers gamely growing up around the rocks near the beach. This is my March calendar shot, and seems fitting for what can be a blustery time of year! (click the picture to see all of it)
Oh, and we totally squealed as we left Doolin to head back to Liscannor, and passed our first real castle!

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