Thursday, March 18, 2010

MORE Meyers

Oh dear. I have yet another mountain of Meyer lemons on my desk. I brought bags of dirt to a co-worker's (my building's garden project overbought.. complicated uninteresting story) and their trees are going gangbusters, so of course I had to help him out.

I'm having people over for dinner tonight. I'm going to wash the lemons and arrange them with some fresh rosemary in a vase as a centerpiece. But then what?

Last year I made:
- salt-cured lemons (which I only used once and eventually threw away)
- candied lemon peel (gave away a little, eventually threw out)
- simple syrup (eventually threw out.. terrible trend!)
- meringue cookies with lemon zest

This year I made the meringue cookies again. I've also made: 
- lemon curd (four cups of the YUMMIEST thing ever, but so unhealthy - I gave a lot away; next time I'll process the jars so I can save some for later) I think I used this recipe but boosted the volume a lot.
- lemon marmalade (total fail - it didn't set AT ALL but I don't blame the recipe)
- lemon/almond cake with blops of lemon curd baked on top - I can't find the digital recipe but it's printed out at home. If I figure out the url I'll add it here - it was GOOD.
- lemon cake pie

What next? Maybe another shot at marmalade (with a different recipe) or maybe lemon jelly based on this recipe for orange jelly. Or.. hooooooooooly smokes I just found a recipe for almond lemon curd!!! I bet that would be killer with hazelnuts and Meyer lemons. And I DO have some blueberries in the freezer; this lemon/blueberry cake might be good. Or, this lemon-souffle pudding looks amazing. And this page has about ten billion more recipes.

So basically, I've got options but no real ideas. Also, not a lot of free time in the next two weeks.

Edited to add: Triumph! I found the link for the Lemon Almond Torta I made that was soooooo good. 

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  1. um, you could send 'em to me? seriously, though, i think making lemon curd then canning it is a great idea. AND so's the blueberry cake. ooh, you could experiment with making limoncello (no idea how you'd do that).