Wednesday, March 10, 2010

for a wee little noggin

Oh, I'm a bad blogger. Hopefully if I have ANY friends reading, you've got  me on a feed. Otherwise.. eesh.

Anyway, remember that trip to Ireland & Scotland I've been nattering on about lately? The precipitating event was that some friends were getting married in Northern Ireland. Well, they got married on May 1st, and their daughter was born this February! They had a honeymoon that consisted of awesome travel from May until December, but I suspect I'll never hear more than the tip of that iceberg full of stories. Now they're living in Sydney, Australia, and are dipping their toes into parenthood.

Of course I think the first thing that you learn as a parent (this is an outsider's perspective, mind you) is that you are SO not in control. Case in point, their daughter arrived six weeks early. So, she's going to be fine but needs extra care and will be in the hospital for a while. And she's such a teeny thing! Once she was born I knitted & mailed a hat:

but once I saw the pictures of her teeniness, I whipped out another hat. Note to self: knitting hats for teeny noggins is FAST.

It's entirely possible that this will be too small for her, but I'm sure some other early arrival can put it to good warm use!


  1. oh, that's SO teeny! and sweet! glad she'll be ok. i'm sure she's getting lots and lots of extra snuggles -- the best thing for her.

  2. Awww. My cousin's baby boy was born at 2.5 lbs and just hit the 4 lb mark this week. I might have to make a little hat for him.

  3. Brenda, the teeny one took two hours, and the bigger one took something like 8. (and it's probably way too big for a 4-pounder)

    Meghan, there were all sorts of pictures of the baby on her dad's belly. He apologized in advance for all the belly shots!