Friday, June 18, 2010

Calendar: Two Thousand Ten: May and June

woops! I missed a month in my calendar posts. (This may mean my brother hasn't changed his calendar in a couple of months.. sorry John!)

May's picture is of crabapples in bloom at Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Gardens. My mom and I made our way there on our second day in Edinburgh. It was a little tricky for us to figure out how to get there - for some reason, my guidebook wasn't helpful, and neither was the person we asked at the train information desk. Turns out that's because it's not a train trip - we asked a cabbie how much it would take to get there, and he said it would cost about 6 pounds. Total deal! It was a partially rainy afternoon, and was a lovely place to wander.

June's picture was from another rainy day (sensing a theme yet?) at Dunvegan Castle, which I mentioned in April.

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  1. Actually I am miraculously on the right calendar page! I'm pretty sure I flipped it a week-ish late though.