Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Zealand!

So, I've been to New Zealand and am back again, somewhat caught up on my life. I realized I forgot to do my beginning-of-month calendar post for May and June, so I have a little bit of fodder to catch up on . However! NZ!

Here's where we went:

A - flew into Auckland and spent a full day there
B - took a ferry to an island off the coast called Waiheke
C - drove to a nearly-deserted beach called Whatipu, then continued on to
D - a teeny town called Waitomo Caves, where, yep, we went into caves.
E - is a town called Taupo - we soaked in a hot mineral bath followed by an amazing meal
F - and went on to Rotorua where we saw boiling mud and had another fabulous hot spring afternoon. On the last day we drove from F to G for lunch, then to H to fly back out of the country. F -> G-> H was a bit of a rush, but we made it!

Given that this is the whole country, clearly another (longer!) visit is required someday:

I'll post more pics later. Given my dearth of blog-fodder, I've got to stretch this out a bit!

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