Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meanwhile, back in real life

Yep, still planning the trip to New Zealand - it's shaping up a little, but I think a lot of our decisions will be made on the fly. We'll have a cell phone, a map, and a car from Sunday to Wednesday so we may just wing it. Should be great.

In the meantime, remember Cookbook Exploitation Month? yeah, totally fell by the wayside. My focus seems to have shifted a bit from the kitchen to knitting - I'm working on a sweater, and am watching copious amounts of Veronica Mars.

Yesterday I ran some errands, then went to a short class on preserving cherries, presented by the farmer/pastry-chef couple who own Frog Hollow Farm. What a blissful union of foodies! I'm excited to do some u-picking and preserving when I get back from my trip. I got a jar to take home with me, and I just love the vibrant cherries. I'm actually glad it wasn't processed in a water bath, so I "have" to use the contents within about a month.

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