Thursday, August 19, 2010

It seems too good to be true

... but I MAY have figured out my Firefox freezing issue.

 If this blog post makes it up, it will be a pretty good indication that I solved it - usually the second Blogger or Gmail autosaves, that's all I get to write - the browser is frozen.

But this post has been saved multiple times already (for no good reason) and I'm still in business. Am I a GENIUS? Or, am I LEGEND, as is apparently the slang in Australia? Sure, you can call me legend.

I remembered that I'd installed a little app called cutePDF. It lets you print a doc to a pdf file, is super slick, and was quite handy when I needed it. But I uninstalled it today and my goodness: I seem to be back in business.


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  1. I had a firefox plugin that was causing youtube videos to stutter... had to find a substitute for it. Silly computers!