Sunday, August 1, 2010

Two Thousand Ten:August

Any faithful reader who's been following my monthly calendar posts knows I went to Ireland and Scotland last year! Yes, that trip figured heavily into my 2009 photos, but it wasn't the only trip I took that year.

In May I met most of my immediate family in New Orleans for a few days of hanging out. My younger brother is in the Air Force, and was slated to deploy for six months in Afghanistan starting in July - this was going to mark the very first Christmas with a missing family member! Plus, of course, anyone with a loved one deploying to a military zone has some not-unreasonable fear squelching around in the back of his or her mind. So we decided to universally suppress that concern and meet up in New Orleans to have some fun together. And we sure did! I was the last to arrive and my parents and two siblings were already hanging out poolside drinking beer. Over the course of a few days we did a walking tour of New Orleans; ate some amazing food - of course!; and got to soak up the admittedly-steamy ambience of early summer in Louisiana.

I also got to hang out with just my brother and sister which is always fun-and-random. This time we wound up going to an empty yet air-conditioned bar and drinking Pimm's cups, Campari Sodas, and I'm not sure what else; taking a random ferry across the Mississippi; and walking around in the rain to find a (closed!) umbrella shop.

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