Monday, August 2, 2010

Recipe Review: Simply Recipes' Clafouti

The food blog Simply Recipes is turning into one of my go-to sources for deliciousness. I made her clafouti last year, following the recipe exactly, and was surprised to find it too sweet for my taste. I resolved to make it again if I could get my hands on sour cherries this year!

Well, as you may recall, I bought a ton of sour cherries just last week! So I knew what I was going to do with 2 cups' worth: clafouti!!!! I'd never heard of this delicious dish until about a year ago, but it's basically an eggy custard poured over fruit, then baked - it reminds me of a Dutch apple pancake. In fact I just looked at a recipe to compare and they're pretty much identical.

Anyway! After lovingly pitting the cherries, put them and some slivered almonds in a buttered/floured pan:

Mix the batter and pour over the fruit:

Bake it til it's puffy (though it falls a lot as it cools):

Let it cool, and watch it be eaten rapidly. Try to save leftovers for a daylight photo of the finished product!

Note: this time I made it with nonfat milk and it still tasted plenty rich and custardy. My instincts were right on regarding the tart fruit. I think next year when the teeny plums in the tree behind my building come back, I'll make this again with them. What other tart fruits are there? Nectarines? Would lemons work somehow? It's an interesting dilemma.

Of course you could use regular fruit & cut the sugar in the custard to acheive the same delicious effect.

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  1. It is entries like these that makes me curse either the lack of a cross country pneumatic tube, or that you're on the other coast. (Probably the latter. Too far away!)