Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Houston, we may have a problem

I bought sour cherries today. Even though I have some in the freezer.
I bought blueberries today. Even though I have some in the freezer.

I have a bunch of ideas of what I might do with them, but did I need these or plan on them entering my life?? No, and no.

But .. but.. but! Blueberry season is short! Sour cherry season doesn't even EXIST where I live! These suckers came from Washington and by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, they shall feel loved!

But possibly I can resolve to NOT purchase any more freezer-bound items until I've used up some of my bounty. Yeah. I can promise that. Really.


  1. Your solution awaits:

  2. Jam. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!! Or, you know, a chest freezer is awesome too. :^)

  3. I could probably put a throw pillow on it and stick that freezer right in my living room!

    On second thought: that's ludicrous! I did remove all the frozen blueberries & cherries and did a single batch of jam last night. That leaves me all the fresh ones to deal with!

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