Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Sweater!

Warning - lots of knit-talk ahead. If you're not a knitter, please feel free to just leave a comment saying "oooooh pretty."

I've gotten to a rather exciting point in knitting my sweater: it's actually taking shape! I finished the other front-half last week, and when I actually laid the pieces out, I can see it's actually going to really be a (gorgeous) sweater.

Right now I'm working on the sleeves, which are essentially two loooong rectangles that I'll then sew into tubes. Thanks to a chance passing question from a knitting coworker, I'm doing both sleeves at the same time, starting from the wrists and working up to the shoulder. It's essentially knitting the two rectangles side-by-side, being careful to use the correct ball of yarn for each one (otherwise they'd be hopelessly linked and I would cry).

It's a little fiddly, but it got better when the same coworker passed on a tip from another knitting buddy - connect the sleeves on one side so that you can easily tell which way you should be knitting across the project. Otherwise you quickly get confused about how many rows you've knit on each one, where you should be going next, etc. You'd probably have to be a knitter contemplating doing something like this to realize, but trust me when I say it made my life SO much easier.

Of course when I lined up the project so far, I realized that I screwed up in the shoulder area a little bit - I decreased the fronts more slowly than the pattern called for, meaning at the front of the shoulder I have about 20 stitches, but on the back part of the shoulder I only have about 11. They're supposed to line up perfectly, so there shall be some fudging. It's salvageable for sure, it's just a question of how I do it.

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