Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's a sad sad day...

Something is wrong with my laptop. What? I have no idea. None. Yeah, I've been working with computers since forever, yeah, maybe I've been paid to do support even, but I'm more a specialized-software-type than a machine-fixer.

What's most tragic is that the trouble is manifesting in Firefox! I've been reduced to using IE to write this very post, and I have to say - at least it's working. I tried to add a short comment to one of my own posts three times with ffx, and it keeps freezing up and I have to kill it.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox. I've turned off any fancy add-ons I have. I found some recommendation to change some setting to extend the time before firefox refreshes from the server.. and it's still happening.

yes, this laptop is just over four years old - but it should have plenty of wherewithal to post a freaking comment. Short of buying a new one (which seems ludicrous), I don't know what to do. I think I need a techie sibling or friend to come visit and give my laptop some love. Any volunteers? I guess if I have to, I'll take long-distance advice!

(edited to add: I tried to use Google Chrome, and it couldn't even connect to my wireless internet. DOOMED I tell you.)


  1. Have you considered formatting the hard drive and reinstalling everything from scratch?

  2. wiping and reinstalling is an option, but you'll have four years' worth of windows updates to install. it would be a nice clean start though. grab an external hard drive to back everything up and use the restore discs that came with the computer if that's what you decide to go with.

    this may be worth a read, especially the proxy server setting in the "best answer":

    I had a proxy server turn itself on and slow everything down one time. ping me on email because I may forget to come back to these blog comments...

  3. mmmm yeah. that part about me not being a machine-fixer? definitely not wiping my computer without someone standing by to bail me out. otoh, my laptop is going to drive me nuts so I will have to deal with it eventually.

    In a possibly-related note, the hard drive is 90% full - it's a 40 gig, and I have less than 20 gigs of music & photos. Can the operating system & programs really be taking up another 16 gigs?

    I'll try the pointers for getting Chrome to connect, though, and will see how it goes!