Friday, September 10, 2010

Go go gadget!

It was my birthday recently, and I received an unexpected gift from my parents.. a pineapple corer! But on closer inspection I found out it is *awesome* and I highly recommend getting one.

First, choose your victims carefully. Apparently you want pineapples that are more golden than green, and give a little when you poke 'em.
Good old Berkeley Bowl had lots of great pineapples - I don't know if they happen to be in season, or what, but these were amazing. First, you cut off the top, then line up the gadget with the central core area:
Twist the gadget, coring and slicing a lovely spiral of delectability as you go:
Pull said spiral of goodness out of the pineapple. You have to tug a little.
Pop off the handle of the gadget, so you can overturn it and remove the spiral of deliciousness in one long piece. Two pineapples' worth:
It leaves a hollowed-out core that apparently some people use to hold fruit salad, rum, or pineapple fried rice. So many options!
I wound up not using it for anything... but I'm certain I'll be coring pineapples again soon!

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  1. Huh! That certainly seems to work well! I fondly remember how confused and suspicious you were when you received that thing.