Tuesday, February 19, 2013

ALL of the partiers

I had a terrific, wonderful, mobbed, tasty, fun, packed house-warming party this weekend. I counted just over 50 attendees (11 of those were kids) and it got super crowded and loud inside. I was so so happy to see so many people squashed into my house having a fun evening.

There were people from almost every part of my life: my sister, someone from my high school class who lives here, friends I made when I first moved to Portland, friends from my first software company job, library-school friends, a library-community friend, friends of friends who've become good friends, former roommates, even my real estate agent who's become a friend.

Despite the chaos, there was very minimal damage/spilling/breakage (I was responsible for the sole broken wine glass), and I've got heaps of leftover beer to spread over the social waters for the next few months.

This house is officially warmed!


  1. ALMOST all of the partiers! Sounds like a great party and I wish we could have made it! I'm keeping a close eye on Portland tickets.

  2. We had a great time - thanks for inviting us.