Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cleanse: day 2

Allow me to brag a bit - after I decided to do this cleanse, a friend invited me out for a birthday beer celebration. I managed to go and NOT have gluten (beer) or nightshade (french fries). Instead I ordered a cider and skipped the snacking. Yeah, I'm also supposed to be off sugar and probably alcohol too, but I'm still chalking this in the win column.

Last night's dinner was soup with brussel sprouts, chicken sausage, and quinoa. It was actually quite good! My sister was doing the cooking so I can't comment too much on the work involved - I don't have any fish sauce so she just skipped that bit. I think it would have tasted quite different if that had been included but I was pretty happy with it as-is and probably wouldn't bother getting the fish sauce just to include it. I would, however, probably quarter the Brussels sprouts and drop them in for the last five minutes to make them slightly less mushy.

Today's food:
breakfast: oatmeal with almond butter and half a banana
lunch: leftovers from dinner
snack: a pear
dinner: tbd. probably almond coconut curry greens and possibly some popcorn.

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  1. You made a huge upgrade in choices at the bar - way to go! {insert pat on the back through the interwebs}.