Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Party prep

I love going to parties at friends' houses, and I always feel a little cheated when friends don't get around to having a house warming party because they never felt the place was ready. That's the point of a house warming! If you have it early enough, you don't even have to unpack!

So I'm having a party this weekend (six weeks post-move-in), and am very much feeling the whole Lack of Furniture thing. My office is kind of haphazardly set up at best, and my living room is feeling more than a little echo-y. My sister and I rearranged what furniture there is, and I just can't decide if I like it. I like the couch in its new orientation but I don't have a real coffee table to anchor the space, and the chairs I have aren't really working. Then there's the tv room, which still has boxes (but may not by the weekend.. we'll see) and then there's the fact that I can't really figure out what to do dining-table-wise...I've got a good bit of art to hang but can't figure out where... oh dear.

So, to distract myself from all that nonsense, I'm picking out food to serve at the party. I'll have a few different cookies, and two or three dips, cheese and crackers, and a couple of finger food things. The question I'm now running into is: what to serve in the way of drinks? Beer & wine are obvious for most adults, but not everyone wants to drink and people in this region aren't really into soda. So what do I serve? Tap water seems rather boring. I suppose I can get some fizzy water from Trader Joe's, but what else?


  1. What about picking up some juices to mix with fizzy water, especially some that may be fancier than people might usually pick up (for me, this would be things like pomegranate or blueberry) - the juice adds some sweetness and color, but there's still a little bite with the carbonation of the water. If you chill the juice and the water, you don't really need ice, and people can mix to their own taste.

  2. I agree that fizzy water, perhaps with mix-ins is a good idea. Other ideas: iced tea (seems odd in the winter), lemonade (same), hot spiced cider. Oh, and 2 liters of Talking Rain are probably a better deal than the Trader Joes bottles of fizzy water. The 12-packs of generic fizzy water at FM are possibly also a better deal (but no fun flavors, just plain and lemon-lime). And this feels like a very self-serving comment since I drink fizzy water :)