Monday, November 26, 2012

As promised...

Well, the house inspection went well. He pointed out lots of little things but nothing that seems to be nightmare-worthy. My agent and I will ask the seller to fix a bunch of little things and then it seems like the sale will proceed!

Things that could still go wrong:
- seller could refuse to fix anything
- bank could disagree with valuation of house
- bank could decide I'm a sketchy proposition
- bank could decide the flip isn't kosher enough for them (though they've checked on it twice; since it wasn't a foreclosure they say they are not concerned)

In short, it's looking pretty good. So, a few pics, even though I don't think they do a good job of showing the place. It'll be easier with furniture, I think, and when I have all the time in the world to stage it.
exterior - the family room that was half the garage, and the living room. also - yard that needs plants!

looking from the living room past the front door and into the dining/kitchen area. I think that space needs an awesome work island/seating area sort of thing.

in the family/tv/party room looking into the kitchen area. to the left is the remaining single-car garage.
The kitchen: where the magic happens! I know a big 'ol fridge is going to make the place seem a lot smaller but it can't be helped. I'll try not to go TOO epically big. Also to the right of this pic is the hall to the 3 bedrooms and the 1 bathroom.

I dunno. This thing might happen. We'll see!


  1. I'm so super excited for you, and keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  2. so, where does the fridge go? is there a space before the counter starts, on the right of the kitchen in the pic?

  3. Yes, exactly. There's about 3 feet of wall there before the counter/stove area.